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Taste that inspires

Only natural syrup makes beverage taste trully unforgetable.

Human organism itself "remembers" it and won't mess it with anything else and won't be cheated by a fake.

This brings the wish to resort to taste and aroma delight of natural product again and again. Recall,
how people in old ages drinked soda from soda machines and still remember that it was the tastiest!

Sweetfill syrup company


Only natural syrups make beverage raste trully unforgettable



Harmony of taste in marvelous cocktail recipies

Wholesale syrups

Sweetfill company are syrup production professionals and sell syrups in bulk. We guarantee constant high quality of our products at reasonable price. Our skilled technologists permanently maintain excellent quality. Our competitive prices are guaranteed by our production in best cost Moscow region.

We are ready to talk to all players of HoReCa segment and can offer wholesale supply of syrups according to your requirements: small cafe, cozy restaurant, bar or large chain. We can select or create a bar menu for you using our products, define optimum set of items and advise the best syrups for coffee, ice cream and the base syrups for tasty alcoholic cocktails. 

Your revenue is our concern and business, that's why we are interested not only in producing syrups of high quality, but also selling them in bulk. If you have a small business, low customer traffic or just looking for something tasty to try – you can always buy all our syrups in numerous Sweetfill retail shops. Our quality is always high, our prices are affordable regardless the size of your order. We are glad to see all customers and produce our syrups in order for you to try them once again.

We use only natural components and good quality sugar, don't use flavour enhancers, thickeners or other chemicals and thoroughly control production process. We base our business on State Standards which are proven over time.

Still looking for syrups in bulk? You have found them here. Sweetfill. We restore syrup pan traditions!

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