Sweetfill MINT SYRUP
Always fresh, attracting and charismatic! Exhilirating aroma doesn't go silent at once creating contrast green tone...
In this "Mojito" cocktail you can feel the rythm of restless residents of Liberty Island. It has unique and simply wonderful mint and lime taste! It easily allays thurst, exhilirate and freshen. Pieces of ice and good Dominican rum - this is the only that lacks for now...
Unique symbol of purity and charm. Fine and tender aroma - this is one of the most complex scents. Add some light to a cup of coffee!
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Syrups production  is the main and the only focus area of Sweetfill company that's why we are guru in it. We work with syrups for many years and produce them at high quality of natural components and most importantly using old State Standards and recipes proven over time by millions of people. 

Our team love what they do and do it well because we rely on quality standards which were created when flavour enhancers and unhealthy food supplements didn't exist. Only natural components, tested suppliers, syrups of high quality which meet all modern requirements of the customer. 

Sweetfill started with producing syrups for soda vendors and "postmix" systems and in many years gained reputation of tasty and good-quality syrups. We didn't use chemical components and won't do it ever because we remember those tastes of childhood when only natural component were used. Gained competences and goodwill allowed us to bring our to HoReCa market set of bar syrups Sweetfill basing on knowledge of our best highly qualified technologists. Affordable and competitive price with constantly high quality is our key advantage. As well as our experience.

Line of bar syrups Sweetfill is oriented firstly on using in bars, restaurants and hotels and will complement your cafe as well as your home kitchen shelf with delights. 

In syrup production we use only genuine and good sugar (instead of widely spread sugar substitute and thickeners nowadays), essences of high quality, natural aromatics, herbs, fruit infusions and only natural juices. And our own fine-tuned production line in Moscow region allows us to keep up our prices at reasonable level.

More than 40 tastes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, ice cream, coffee and tea allow us to successfully create new combinations for our bar menu and please our guests with tasty additives to tea and desserts. 

Sweetfill. We restore syrup pan traditions!